TV Show Challenge Update 1

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Take the Challenge!

Last week I challenged myself to count the hours I'll watch my favorite Fall shows and apply it to my goals. Thus far I had ONE person who accepted the challenge (my dear sister Simone). So here is what the challenge will look like for me:

There are many old and new shows starting this Fall (here's a complete list of Fall TV Premiers). I am a 60 minutes fan as well as The Blacklist fan which means I'll spend around 16 hours in front of the TV this Fall.

The challenge is to use those 16 hours towards one of my goals. One of my goals is to make a compilation of blog posts which would make a great devotional book. I believe I can do that within 16 hours.

My deadline is between now and the season finale of my two favorite shows. Totally doable, right?

QUESTION: Could you benefit from putting extra time towards your goals? How so?
jaime said...

I somehow missed your challenge (and your new blog design since I usually read your blog in feedly! I love it!) I'll need to figure out my hours - there will be many. And I'll be back with this. :)