Arbonne Protein Shake Mix Review

Thursday, September 11, 2014

* My friend Rachel sent me a couple of samples of Arbonne products and I wrote this review for you. She never asked for the review, I actually volunteered it, so you know I'm honest about my opinions in this post. Enjoy! 

It takes energy to live your life. I believe most people wear multiple hats and I'm one of those people who have days filled with activities. Yesterday for example, I took the kids to school, picked up my oldest daughter from Pre-K and went straight to a meeting. Before heading to the meeting which was around lunch time, I realized I was going to be hungry, so I decided to make this Arbonne shake my friend Rachel sent me. 
 I used their Chocolate Protein Shake Mix, a banana, water and some ice. Here's the blender action shot:
 I really enjoyed the taste. This shake has 20 grams of vegan protein and I believe it because I had a lot of energy before and even after the meeting. I also like the fact that this shake has no after taste. I've had my share of protein shakes before so the Arbonne Protein Shake Mix is on the top of my list. 
For more information about this product and all things Arbonne, please contact my friend Rachel. She blogs at so you might want to go there to take a peak at the blog as well as her other Social Media goodness. Thanks for giving me my much needed energy Arbonne Chocolate Shake and Rachel of course!