Chicago Marathon 2014 Recap

Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Thank you God, Zeke, kids and everyone who helped me!
Hello! I answer all your questions about the Chicago Marathon in  this video!
Here are the Questions:
0:12 - What motivated you to complete a marathon?
0:39 - Have you always been a runner?
0:58 - What was the most challenging thing in preparing?
1:44 - Did you have a person to encourage you?
2:04 - How much water did you consume?
2:42 - Compare the Chicago & Houston Marathons
5:23 - How well prepared were you for the marathon?
6:44 - Which was the hardest mile?
7:59 - Would you do anything different?
9:30 - What was your time?
11:31 - How did you feel when you finished?
13:22 - How many marathons do you have on your list?
14:40 - Would you do Chicago again?
14:57 - How was the Course?
16:59 - What’s your next goal?

Chicago Marathon Series
Amy W said...

WOW wow wow! Congratulations on your Chicago finish! Love the idea of a video race recap and that your husband is so supportive of your running. The Chicago marathon is a bucket lister for me :)

Keep up your awesome running and giving God all the glory!
Amy @