Houston Marathon Training Week 1

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I have officially started my Houston Marathon training! Thank God I have recovered from the Chicago Marathon and with 81 days to go I must stay focused.  
This morning I had a good run and I was very happy with my splits. My focus is to be thankful for what I have and forget about what I don't have. All my mental focus will go into running a strong marathon and going for that PR I know I can get in Houston. 
This week is unique. I have a 5K on Sunday and my official schedule is calling for a 14-miler. I know that if I run anything close to 14 it will be a confidence booster. I also know that working my way back to 14 is a much better idea, so I will probably go for 8 miles this week and then I'll go back to the regular schedule from the running group. 
I miss running with my friends on Saturdays. I can be unhappy about how different this season has been or I can be grateful for what I have (plenty time to train, many safe locations to train, friends to run with during the week, health, strength, etc). The greatest struggle of my fit life has been my mindset. I get to decide what kind of attitude I'm gonna have about the process at the very beginning. I have a good, happy and expectant mental attitude this time around. 
Comparisons do not help me, even when the comparison is with myself. The key to a good mental attitude is to focus on the only thing I have: today. 
Today is going to be a good, productive day. I have a cross training session ahead of me and I am determined to enjoy it.

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