2014 Health Goals: thankful!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

13 days till the new year! I want to do a wrap up on my goals for the year. I wrote a 2014 Goals Update in May where I took a further step and added some Action Steps for my Health Goals. Today I’m being painfully honest about the results and extremely thankful to God for the opportunities I had in 2014. While these are Health and Fitness related, I also set goals in other categories. Here are my updates:

Houston Mile 22: my friends show up when I need them the most!
1 • Rebuild my running base in order to be always ready to run a half-marathon DONE. I was blessed to stick with my running group off season and it was awesome!
Sweet Victory! I finished the Chicago Marathon thanks to God!
2 • Sign up for at least one marathon this year – DONE. Thanks to God for the gift of running the Chicago Marathon! It was a dream I had for many years. I’m so grateful for that experience. 

3 • Arrive at a normal BMI - NOT DONE. I pretty much maintained my weight this year.  
No major weight loss but I'm not who I used to be!

4 • Break my PR for both a half marathon and a marathon - NOT DONE YET. I have never ran a half-marathon and I did not PR in Chicago but with God’s help I will in Houston.  
Running with my husband was amazing. So thankful for Zeke!

5 • Inspire and motivate people who want to run I HOPE SO. My husband is now a runner training for his first half-marathon. One of my friends told me I inspired him to run a marathon. I pray that my journey brings glory to God and motivation to people.

One of my personal goals was to be 'present' when talking to people. The pursuit of this goal made me a better friend and listener this year. I also set to write more qualitative pieces for the blog this cutting down in the amount of posts I put out. This goal helped me to be a more efficient writer. I wanted to read the whole Bible this year and I did not accomplish this goal. I hope to be able to do it in 2015 tough. I am happy with the amount of Bible study that happened this year. I also set Parenting and Financial goals and thanks to God I saw a lot of learning in both of these areas. 

I like the accountability of writing down my goals. I like the stats that say that people who write their goals are more likely to accomplish them. I also enjoy the fact that if I set out to reach nothing I'll hit it every time. 

I thank God for a year of growth and learning. I pray for the courage to set more goals for 2015 that will glorify God and bless others.