Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Every mistake is forgivable, if I’m the one making them. I heard that we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior. The year of 2014 is the year I became acutely aware of dealing with “Chronic.” If “Chronic” was a person, he or she would make the same mistake over and over but they would be furious if you’d remind them of their fault.
As a good friend should, you’d see a train coming towards Chronic and you’d alert them with arms open, franticly waving in the air. Chronic would proceed to shrug you and take the damage of the upcoming train.
Chronic is someone we hate to love. We have deep bonds that unite us so you can’t just turn our back on them. We have read books about developing healthy boundaries but Chronic’s issues bleed over every fence that exists out there. Do you know someone called Chronic?
You probably do and you can’t live without their maddening personality. If you take Chronic to a daytime Talk Show, they will not comprehend that they’re having an intervention but will somehow find a way to shine. People do tend to love Chronic that way.
When you leave self-help material laying around the house, Chronic uses it to fan herself. You’ve tried and tried to fix them and you’d give up but that would be bad.
I’ve learned that in order to coexist with Chronic, I must not lose my love for them for love is a firm foundation.
I learned that the boundaries I put up are for my own protection. Chronic’s behavior will not affect my inner life but the Word of God will. The self-help stuff I spread around becomes my own reading material because while Chronic chooses not to change, I can and will develop a stronger character.
Loving Chronic from a place of peace is the way to go. While Chronic

might never change, I can and I will furiously develop as a human being.