Houston Marathon Training Week 8

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1,500 miles is my total mileage for 2014 and counting! 914 of those are running mileage. I can see how challenging it'd be to cover 2,014 miles but not impossible!  I am 32 days away from Marathon day. I have two more super long training runs til we begin to tapper. If you are a local person you probably have seen these signs in Chevron gas stations in the area. I asked the manager for the sign and he said he'd let me borrow it for a few days. Too bad I didn't live in that area! 
I tried my best to prepare for my long run and it paid off. Opposed to last year, the weather was very warm. I also took my running coach's advice and practiced more will power when it came to Christmas treats. The route was a bit hilly and we finished it in 3:16 which is a 10 minute improvement from last year! Here's my photo. Notice the salt in my skin: it was hot out there!
Any day I can run is a blessing. Finishing 18 miles is awesome!

 Later on that day I went to pick up my bib for the Houston's 12K of Christmas race. Check out the cute t-shirt you receive with your packet: 
We took this photo at an event called "Walk to Bethlehem." The story of Christ really comes alive and we all love it! 
I told you I was going to give you an update on the trainer. We decided to wait til January to start. Now that I'm building my mileage, it's wise not to add too much extra strain in my body. I'll be glad to change things up after the marathon. The plan is to keep training and preparing to rock that 42 K in a few weeks. 

P.S.: There is still time to join me and run the super fun Houston’s 12K of Christmas this Saturday, December 20. They also have a 6K course if you want a little less mileage. Let's get rid of all our extra Holiday calories and support a great charity. I can't wait to have fun and enjoy this new experience!

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