Peaceful Contentment

Monday, December 22, 2014

During the Christian holidays my responsibilities as a wife and mother triple. Contentment is something that is not prominent this time of year. Many capitalize in fear, lack and discontentment.  My greatest challenge is to feel the joy of Christmas in the midst of the stress and dissatisfaction of the season. I think that it took us a few years but just by making the decision not to be stressed, our family started to thrive.

Let me tell you a little secret about me: I get stressed out just looking at my Pinterest feed. What do you mean I have to make teachers and student gifts? By the way, what are hostess gifts? I didn’t grow up in this culture so there are a lot of new traditions to observe. The other week I looked at Pinterest and I was about to feel down because each of my children don’t have a Christmas tree in their rooms. I quickly snapped out of it when I realized that I had already submitted my house decoration to the Lord Jesus and I’m sure He was okay with the fact that I won’t have to take but one tree down instead of 4. I also realized that having contentment is better than striving to have more.

In order to enjoy a more peaceful season, I have to constantly remind myself of my priority. Christmas is about Christ so everything else should submit to Him. I believe that I should give gifts but not to the point of stress. I find that when I plan ahead I am more peaceful.

I also noticed that my kids are not comparing themselves to others. They are excited about what we have and they are secure in the fact that we are a family who loves Jesus and one another. Contentment is somethingthe Bible encourages me to have at all times but this time of the year is the greatest test to that commandment. 

The idea is that my gift shopping, my food preparing and my house decorating should all submit to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am experiencing more peace because of this idea. I know that my house will not be in a magazine cover but it will be in the memories of our children. This year we are focusing on what really matters which is honoring the Lord Jesus and blessing our children with the gift of peaceful contentment.