HOPE: Health Support Group

Thursday, January 15, 2015

There is hope for every person who wants to improve their health. Today I want to tell you about my latest project, a private (for now), Health Support Group. HOPE stands for "Her Oasis Paradigm Everyday." This is an accountability group for women who want to better manage their weight, increase their fitness and manage their stress. 

We will meet once a month for conversation on Google Hangouts. I'll provide the group with a topic for the week as well as an Action Item. It is the goal of this group to bring an oasis (fertility) to an area of life where success and failure cohabit. I purposely invited people who are succeeding in their journey of health and who also can use the support of friends to continue to achieve their goals. 

There are no formulas, requirements or products sold. We are all unique so it's wise to do what's best for us. The only thing I will ask is that we  think outside of the box so that we can to improve our journey.

• Are you in your journey of health by yourself? What would make your journey more successful?