The Small, Courageous Act

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My year officially starts later than most. I make a huge investment on the marathon so it's not until it's over that I feel like I can start again. 
I like this theory: don't wait for Monday, start when you can. It worked in my weight loss. I got tired of starting over and over (on Mondays) so I decided to change on a Wednesday. It stuck, it worked and I haven't had any problems since. I do give all credit to God who transformed my mind and changed my whole life. God first and I'm a close second when it comes to acts of obedience.
I still look for this same kind of transformation when it comes to the new that each year brings. I was blessed to finish reading the book "The Best Yes" and discussing it with my tribe. We spend a God-filled weekend together and I left that place refreshed and ready to face 2015. 
I learned that the train may be in motion but I can still make a stop, get refreshed and jump back in for the rest of the ride. 
This morning I resumed my running. It always feels good to take time off and then return. I wasn't as stiff as I thought I'd be. It was actually a reminder of why I love running so much. One of my friends invited me for a run and I'm so glad she did. It was a beautiful day for it. I was mentally planning to get out and run again - too bad I have cross training first. 
If you haven't started your new year's goals, join the club. I often plan on reading the Bible in 1 year but I tell you what, January 1 is not the day to start. I started on the 25th but I did. I'm sure God is not mad because I was exhausted January 1 and couldn't swing it. He looks at the heart, He gives second chances. I took my second chance that Wednesday many years ago and I'm still benefiting from the foundation that I established. Tough small, it was a courageous act. I knew Monday was an ideal day but I missed that opportunity and the next one was so far away. 
Today is what God has given us. Let's stop procrastinating and let's start taking small but powerful actions today. You'll be jumping for joy in the future, you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment today. 

About in 2015
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