First Half-Marathon, The Waltons and Potty Training

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This is how my week started. My prayers were answered and God blessed our family with our first half-marathoner! 
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Zeke finishing his first half-marathon!
I was not there to see it in person (I was at church filling in for Zeke) but my friend Rita sent me this photo (thanks!!!). I am so thankful that Zeke is a runner and he accomplished his goal of becoming a long distance runner. Of course my son was in tears become he too wants to run a marathon (so cute). He actually told his classmates his dream is to be a runner. Sweet stuff!

The Waltons Experiment started on February 1 and so far it's been great. Our first meal was homemade turkey burgers with fries. The greatest challenge we've had was to pack our food and take it to Chickfila when we met with a sweet friend the other day. I made sure we ate before we got there but it was a great test of our self-control. One small step at a time we're learning the benefits of eating out less. 
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My whole world doesn't revolve around running (surprise!) but the sport does enhance other aspects of life. Family is my priority and we are getting ready to be diaper free for the first time in almost 6 years. The interesting thing is that I'm a mother of 3 who has never potty trained before. That's right, my mom was around and did it for me. The woman potty trained 5 kids before and she's still a master at it. We were convinced she'd come back and do it for the third time but just in case that doesn't happen, I went to a class with the Master Educator herself, Mrs. O and took Potty Training 101. I was really enlightened and encouraged about the whole process. 
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I have resumed running but this week I feel like I'm still recovering. 26.2 is hard on the body friends. I'm aware that I'm not to jump back into intense training. My next race is my favorite 10K in town the Green 6.2 and I hope you can join me!
Have an amazing week and thanks for reading!