Sunday Seven

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I can buy my spouse a lot of things but I know I will be a blessing when I give him these 7 priceless Valentine's Day Gifts. 

1. Time - the greatest gift we can give because God has given all human beings the same amount of time. Wisdom is found in those who can manager their time well. The best use of my time is spent with the love of my life. 
2. Letters - I love the timeliness of letters. I have recently found old love letters we wrote to each other. When I read them I am immediately taken back to another time and place. The declarations of love I write today will stay in my spouses' heart and it will last for a long time so our decendents may grasp our love for one another.  
3. Words of Affirmation - we can heal each other deeply through our words. Affirmation is not flattery, it is a building block for a brilliant future. When I choose to affirm as a habit, I give my spouse the gift of life through words. Our words can nurture and they should. 
4. Physical Touch - holding hands, giving a hug. Touch is powerful. It says, you belong to me, you are loved and wanted. I can't tell you how many times my loving touch spoke louder than words. I find no problem affirming and loving my children through touch and I shutter when I have a problem touching my husband. I'm aware of the power of physical touch and I pray that my heart is focused in the God of love so that I can freely give to my spouse. 
5. A listening ear - I often challenge myself to wait for the sentence "Cintia, what do you think..." before giving my opinion. I am learning that a listening ear is one of the best gifts I can give my spouse. Listening for the things said is as important as listening to the things unsaid. My prayer is that I will always have a listening ear. 
6. A word in due season - a word spoken in due season, how good it is! The right words in the wrong time are not good. A gift that I can give my spouse are words in due season. My husband wisely says that due season is the fifth season God created. It's that statement followed by "I really needed to hear that." A release of anxiety and pain also happens after words are said in due season because it uplifts those who hear them. 
7. Prayers - the prayers of the righteous spouse availeth (work) much. I have prayed for my spouse for years and I have seen God answer those prayers because He is faithful. Because I know my husband better than anyone else in the world, I can also pray with a lot of knowledge. As I pray, I give God permission to invade my marriage and the life of our family. I want to be faithful to pray because I know that God is faithful to perform. 
Back when we were dating.
Quite the unusual list but I hope it fills you with hope in God. Happy Valentine's Week! God is love and He loves you very much.