You never forget your first Texas Race

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You never forget your first Texas race. This is me at the finish line of my first Green 6.2 race in 2013. 
Photo by Green 6.2
I call it my happy race because as you can tell in this photo, it was pure bliss. I trained by myself around my neighborhood. I made every mistake most newbies make but I didn't care, I was running my first 10K! I'm so glad we have these photo because I will forever remember that burst of rejoicing that hit me when I crossed the finish line. I quickly realized I had to run this race again and again. 

This year I will get to the start like of the Green 6.2 with 3 marathons under my belt. You think this would make me feel prideful but I feel the total opposite feeling. I will arrive with the humility that comes from respecting every distance. I love to run green because that happy feeling I got in 2013 never left me. Every year I talk to different participants in the course and people are super friendly. Everyone gets to the start line with a story and they are all there because they love the sport. 

My training for this year's race is going pretty well. This week I'm journaling my food and taking my runs seriously. What I mean by seriously is, I am seriously enjoying running in the cold! I plan on adding tempo runs to my training this week as well.

I hope you can join me at the Green 6.2 race this year. REGISTER NOW  and if you use the code "SIMPLYCINTIA" you'll get $10 OFF the race price. Also,

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Disclaimer: I am an Ambassador for the Green 6.2 race and I received two free entries to the race in exchange for Race Promotion. The honest opinions on this post are my own.