5 tips for Running in the Cold

Thursday, March 12, 2015

1. Know what kind of temps your body can handle - It is wise to know how much cold your body can handle. If it's too cold (of if there's thunder and lighting involved) I train indoors. If you decide to train outside anyway, you need to dress for success.
Sugar Land 30K in 2013
2. Layer up - dressing in layers guarantee that you are not freezing out there. We don't get extreme cold temps in south Texas but we have had cold days here. Layers are necessary in those days. One of my coaches taught me that if you step outside and you feel too comfortable you'll be hot in your run. 
3. Cover your extremities - I always cover my hands and my ears in the cold. I also run with a hat when it's too cold. I'm more comfortable when my hands are not freezing. I bought some inexpensive gloves for $3 and they have been great. 

Layered up and training for my first marathon in 2014
4. Hidrate - The water you drank yesterday will not nourish you today. I take hydration seriously because it does the body great whether I am running or not. Discipline yourself to drink the correct amount of water in the winter. Trick yourself if you need to. Being dehydrated can cause a lot of damage to the body, even in the winter. I'm a H2O purist, so I fill up on this as opposed to anything else. 
5. Up your nutrition - Be sure to visit your doctor for your annual visits and know exactly how your stats are. Because the cold temps are famous for the spread of different bugs, it does not hurt to be extra careful about your nutritional intake. This week we enjoyed kale, sweet potatoes and black beans. I choose to believe that choose these nutritious foods is better for my body than the easy canned soup. However you choose to do it, get some nutritious foods in your daily life.

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