Sunday Seven

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Today I wanted to talk about how to to navigate conferences or even volunteering opportunities while focusing on your health. I just attended a conference this weekend, which reminded of many things I can do to have a healthy time.

1 * hit the gym early in the a.m. - I like to get a run in before my day starts. I feel better and energized when that happens. One big mistake I've made was to over exercise when I went to a Conference in San Antonio 6 years ago. In addition to taking the stairs to the 9th floor, I hit the gym really hard. The result? I could hardly sit, or get up, or move during that whole conference. Do not start anything new while you are at a conference but do keep the same level of fitness.

2 * plan your meals - whether I am volunteering at a daytime VBS or I'm out of town, I plan my meals. Last summer I tried to eat mostly fruits and protein during my break at VBS. I felt better and I was able to perform well throughout the day. This weekend while I was out of town, I had a mental plan for what to eat. For breakfast I decided to eat what I normally eat so I had oatmeal and coffee as well as a banana. For lunch, I knew I wanted vegetable protein and a lot of vegetables. I know if I decided to overeat at every meal I feel awful and I won't have a lot of energy to do what I need to do.

3 * drink lots of water - my water bottle is big: a 64 ouncer. I pondered if I needed to take it with me to the conference or not. I decided that being dehydrated is more inconvenient than carrying a big bottle of water everywhere I go. When I'm out and about the tendency is to overdo in the caffeine front and forget about the water. Carrying a bottle of water is the best way to make sure it gets done. 

4 * try to get some rest - most conferences are intense but they all allow some time to rest. I don't do anyone a service when I'm overtired and cranky because of lack of rest. Whether you get some rest throughout the day or some extra sleep at night, remember, you can't put rest on a pill so just do it. Rest will allow you to be more effective in what you do. Your mind will be sharper for sure.

5 * comfortable shoes are always in - I love high hills but high hills don't love my feet. When I wear hills I always carry a flat inside my purse. Comfort is king when it comes to conferences. Remember to pack comfortable shoes. Also, remember that you live in a country where creative minds have come up with comfortable shoes that look good. Damaging your feet in the name of fashion is not good. Keep comfort in mind. Also, remember that people shouldn't judge you by the shoes you wear. If they do, there's something intrinsically wrong.

6 * Accessorize with wisdom - I love accessories and I'd carry everything I have everywhere I go but in order to pack light, I try to make a decision on which accessories I'll take ahead of time. I also learned that I need to actually count my accessories and make sure they're all there. I forget an earring and didn't realize it until I was ready to wear it. I cried a little cause I love accessories. Don't be like me, take the time to pack with wisdom.

7 * Learn from someone - I can't tell you how many times I went to conferences with a to-do list in mind. This causes me to get overwhelmed by the job at hand. I feel that most opportunities we get are people focuses so it's wise to be open to new friendships as well as life lessons. I also think that we can learn a lot from each other so I shouldn't go somewhere thinking that only the speaker can teach me something. Everyone has something to teach so it's wise to keep our eyes open. I went to Blog Elevated 2 years ago and besides gaining great knowledge of social media I met my friend Lisa. We just happened to sit at the same lunch table one day and started talking. God has blessed me immensely through Lisa and I am thankful.

* What are your tips to making the most of conferences?