3 tips for a Happy 10K

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Running is a type of sacrificial gift. It is a sacrifice to get enough rest and run at dark o'clock but the gift part comes when we see that beauty that fills the earth just before the sun rises. What an amazing God I have. I appreciate Him for creating beauty day in and day out for our enjoyment. 
Dark O'clock runs are awesome. 
 This is it! Saturday I have the honor and the privilege of running the Green 6.2 race. There is still time to register if you haven't already. This morning I went out in full #RunGreen gear:
It's no secret: this is my fav 10K in town!
The challenge this week is to stick with my training plan and to run a strong race on Saturday morning. The Green Run is so cool for so many reasons! I will also get to run with many friends from my church and my running group. You can't go wrong when you mix running and friendship together!

I want to share 3 tips to have a happy 10K on Saturday:

1 • Wear what makes you happy - I was in full cotton gear during my first Green 6.2 because it made me happy (and that was all I had!). I still remember my first Green Run as my "happy run." I didn't care what others were doing, I was there to have a great time and a great time I had! Be confident in who you are because you rock my friend. 

2 • Run your own race - There will be a lot of people at the start line but one thing is for sure: you get to do this on your own terms. Disregard the temptation to compare yourself with others because at the finish line, it's one medal per neck. You trained and persevered so be sure to do what's right for you. Race day is not the day to leave confidence at home. Bring it cause you'll need it!

3 • High Five someone - Someone will need your help whether you're running in the front or in the very back (I'm convinced they have the most fun). Take the time to encourage someone with your words of affirmation, with a high five or simply with a smile. Your act of kindness can make a world of different to someone having a hard time. I also believe that you reap what you sow. 

I hope to see more of my friends with us this Saturday. All the information for the race can be found in the Green 6.2 website. Next week I'll do my race recap. Have an amazing day!

I hope you can join me and run the Green 6.2. They also have a 5K option this year! There’s plenty time to train (check out their Training Plan). Also, if you add the code SIMPLYCINTIA on your registration, you’ll get $10 off.