Bible Reading Streak: 100 Days!

Friday, April 10, 2015

When you do something repeatedly you become... what? It depends on the action. Every November, Runner's World Magazine promotes a "Running Streak." People start running every day and many go on for years and years. I haven't tried that because number one, I appreciate my rest days and number two, I'm usually training for a marathon when the big push starts. 

I did try a different streak this year: Bible reading. Today is Day 100! I told you I started late but I was able to catch up. I told you the 10 advantages of doing it but I have found so many more. When you do something repeatedly such as reading your Bible for 100 days, you become prosperous and successful

I've been around the business long enough to know that God was speaking about my inner life. I do feel more prosperous internally. The amount of wisdom I've gained from reading the Bible day after day is amazing. I have become successful internally. Instead of being defeated by the challenges I encountered these past 100 days, I have successfully learned what God taught me about Himself. 

I'm not reading the Bible in One Year to tell you that I did it. I'm honestly trying to know God better and to make sense of the life He wants me to live. 

This Bible Reading Streak is an interesting concept. I'm sure I'll attempt other streaks (for example, I am currently attempting a Food Journaling one) but thus far, I can say that this one has made the greatest impact. 

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