How to be Influential (because you are)

Monday, April 13, 2015

I believe that we are all influential. The way God sees influence is different than the way most people see it. God sees my influence as a mother generationally. The world see influence in the form of digital followers and Likes. God looks at the heart and His plan transcends the rubbish things of this world. Now that you know what type of influence I'm referring to, I want to suggest that other than our immediate family, we get to be influential in the lives of a few people who surround us. The type of people we see face-to-face and we are blessed to call friends, co-workers, fellow volunteers, etc. Here are a few ways to use our influence the correct way:

1 • listen more than speak - It is true that in order to exercise our influence, we need to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry (James 1:19). How can you be influential if you are waiting your turn to speak? Practice quieting your heart and being considerate enough to listen to things said and unsaid. I find that most people just need someone to listen to them and to encourage them. I believe that we can be influential when we do that.

2 • solve the problem - but only do it when you're asked. If you are in a work or volunteering environment, please solve the problem. If the variables are different, such as a friend is trying to make their own way out of a problem, just be supportive. If you can be a blessing by solving a problem, be influential and do it.

3 • uplift others - lately I have learned that more than any material things, words are a powerful gift when used to uplift others. I was recently praying for my children's teachers and I really wanted to give them a huge gift. I couldn't afford the huge gift but God reminded me that I can use my words. The unexpected words of encouragement were a blessing to the teachers. We can all use our words (written or spoken) to uplift others. You'll be amazed at how blessed you will be too.

4 • get wisdom - you can't be influential if you don't have the influence of wisdom in your life. Getting wisdom is a must in order to be influential. I believe that my main source of influence comes from the Word of God. I enjoy reading the entire Bible but the book of Proverbs in particular always reminds me what wisdom is more precious than gold. I also believe that we can always get wisdom in our particular areas of expertise. Whether by taking a class or talking to a mentor, getting wisdom is a great way to feed our influence.

5 • use God’s Words - the best way to solve a problem, uplift others and to get wisdom is by using God's words. God is so positive and He wants the best for us. His Words are rich, sharp and they go deep into thoughts and attitudes of the heart. I find that His words are better than mine any day so I refer to it often when being influential to others. My parents and grandparents often used God's words to influence me and I can say that it worked.

6 • teach someone - being influential should translate into the action of teaching someone to do something. If you look around there are people who are looking at your life and trying to learn from you. I recently told a friend (who's an influencer) that she has done a lot of great things and I know a handful of young women who can benefit from her wisdom. She often teaches people who to get out of debt and stay out of debt. What has God placed in your hands to teach? I am currently learning from a couple of mentors how to be a Godly wife and mother. I am also learning from another mentor how to keep marathon running working for me while my kids are small. I appreciate all the lessons they are teaching me.

I pray that you see yourself as the influential person that you are. God made you that way and the world need the influential wisdom He has given you.