Preschool Summer Camp Coop

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I love the idea of a Preschool Summer Camp Coop. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had a guaranteed way for the kids to have fun with their friends during the summer without having to adapt to the newness of a traditional camp?
A Preschool Summer Camp Coop is a group of moms who come together at least once a week during the summer to teach children different things. We all know that kids learn best as they play, so it's guaranteed to be lots of fun.
Here's how it would work: let's say 5 friends get together and each one is responsible for the following:
• Music
• Games
• Snack
• Bible Story
• Arts
The group of friends would agree on how many times a week and where they would meet. They would even have one work night where they all get everything prepared for the whole summer so all they need to do is be ready to enjoy camp with the little ones. They would also decide on the length of the Preschool Summer Camp Coop.

I love this idea because I believe in friendship and community. There's little need for most of us to hear "The kids and I are so bored" when friends in community can be a helpful resource.

I also love the fact that Pinterest can be a great resource for all kinds of activities. I think that people in the Coop can stick with one thing the whole summer or they can rotate. Thanks to Pinterest, we don't have to be experts in anything but simply try to do it ourselves. This idea will also save you hundreds of dollars. Preschool Camps can be pricy but they don't have to be.

I hope you enjoy this idea and I hope you and your friends can use it!

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