Sunday 7

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I am a believer in mentors. I love them because I have seen the benefit of having them in my life, and I love them because they help me interpret the world. Today I want to share 7 questions I often ask my mentors or I will ask them when I have a chance.
I heard John Maxwell say that you should always have questions prepared when meeting with mentors or people with more experience than yourself. Here are my 7 questions:

1 • What did you learn from your failures? ~ Our failures are richer than our successes. I want to know the lessons learned there.
2 • What did your devotional life look like when you had small kids? ~ You won't believe how many times I've asked this and how much incredible advice I got.
3 • How does God speak to you and how do you speak to Him? ~ This is one of my favorite questions. I actually heard one of my mentors talk about this in relation to other people and I started asking the question myself. I've gotten some awesome and amazing answers!
4 • How do you work through frustration in ministry? ~ I haven't asked anyone this but I honestly want to know.
5 • How can I help you? ~ I don't want to be a killjoy or a burden. I believe that I can bless my mentors somehow.
6 • What is your dream as a person? ~ I love to hear about dreams. I ask this to anyone I have a chance to interview. I love how they have to go deep in the heart for the answer to this question.
7 • What are you the happiest about at the moment? ~ Everyone should be excited about a project, an accomplishment or a possibility. I love to hear about great expectations!

Think about someone you admire. What are the questions you'd ask them? Write them down and keep them at hand for when the opportunity presents itself.