How to find Courage in the Midst of Chaos

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I asked my Facebook friends how do they find Courage in the midst of Chaos. I got some great answers! I've been thinking about this topic because things get chaotic in life every now and then. I don't believe we are supposed to dwell in a state of chaos but sometimes, whether we choose it or not, we just find ourselves in the midst of it. What is Chaos? According to the dictionary, "a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order."  Chaos comes in many forms and it may come unexpectedly. How do you deal with it? Here are three ways. 

1. God's Word • when chaos hit you, it's wise to have a well established foundation in the Word of God. All those hours of Sunday School come to great use during chaotic situations. Christ is the rock of our lives and we rediscover that during trying times. In confusion and disorder, He's our stability. He helps us make sense of things as we move to our new normal. It is wise to read the Bible, not to become a walking encyclopedia, but to be filled with God's goodness so that when chaotic times come, you are filled with Words of Life.

2. Friendships • I know humans have the tendency of pushing people away when they're in chaotic situations but I believe that's when we need our friends the most. Whether they are there for prayer or any other type of support, friends are God's way of giving you an earthly embrace. Please know that if you keep pushing people away they will stay away. Enjoy your privacy but quickly accept the help of your friends. The bonds of friendship grow in times of chaos. We love and we are loved by our friends when things are changing. I believe that friendships are either strengthened or weakened in chaotic times. Please accept help.

3. Peace • the Bible encourages us to seek peace and pursue it (Psalm 34:14). I like this because I thought peace was going to fall from the sky if I just stand still. I am making my life's work to pursue peace. Some of the practical ways I've learned to seek peace are:

• Knowing Jesus and having Him as my Lord and Savior;
• Having a forgiving heart and attitude;
• Exercising; 
• Resting, even if all I can afford is to turn off for 10 minutes;
• Mindfully practicing relaxation (nothing weird, I am mindful of when I am tense and I track where that bad feeling is coming from. Trust me, nothing is worth making me lose my peace and raising my blood pressure);
• Praying and reading the Bible daily;
• Maintaining a great relationship with my husband and children;
• Taking breaks to refresh my mind and soul (physically removing myself from draining situations, organizations and people);
You get the picture. Having peace in my life is so precious and so important. I don't accept the notion that I am supposed to live without Peace because Jesus is the Prince of Peace and God gives me perfect Peace as my mind is stayed on Him (Isaiah 26:3). 

Chaos happens to everyone, no matter how much we dislike it. Today I want to encourage you to be filled with the Word of God, surrounded by faithful friends and filled with the Peace that only God can give you. 

Question: what are some of the ways you find Courage in the midst of Chaos?