Mid-year Goal Update

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My goals for 2015 were not too lofty. I attribute this to the way I began my year: accomplishing a big goal and dealing with some frustration right after crossing the finish line. I’m not sure if I’m the only person who deals with disillusionment after reaching a goal. I managed to pick myself up and keep going. Not setting lofty goals has its advantages. While that feeling of disillusionment is what I remember from January, I decided to look at the goals I actually wrote the for the year. To my surprise, I have done pretty well. 

I set goals in the following categories: Faith, Fitness, Business and Family. I have accomplished a lot of the goals and I am making progress in many others. I was particularly surprised at the completion of 3 particular goals: my travel goals and my travel and business goals. I’m amazed at how simply writing the stuff down empowers you to go after those goals with God’s help. I think that what I learned about goals this year is that I can’t give up. A lot of my goals seem impossible but with God’s help and diligence in my part, I believe they will get accomplished. I think that setting goals is a vote of faith in God and a vote of confidence in myself. Sure, life takes over and stuff you don’t expect happen. It is still imperative not to give up on the long term fact that you become the person on the other side of the accomplished goal one baby step at a time.

My encouragement for you and I is to be a good finisher. We have half of the year under our belt so let's keep going and finish strong.