How to Wake Up Early to Exercise

Friday, July 31, 2015

I have enjoyed waking up early because I get to work on my goals. Marathon training happens early in the morning, as well as daily Bible reading. Today I want to share a few tips to inspire you to fit your workouts in the morning. 

Eat a Healthy Dinner - My husband and I went out to eat the night before a long run and when I woke up, I felt exceptionally well. I thought about what I ate and that was my answer. I feel great when I eat a good dinner the night before I workout. Healthy means different things to different people, so do what works for you. Be sure to invest in nutrition because it will pay you back with big dividends. 
(This is an older photo of me) I'm often wondering:
what am I doing up this early?
Prepare your clothes - Before going to bed, be sure that your clothes, shoes, water bottle and anything else you will need is ready to go. I know people who even sleep in their workout clothes to make sure exercise happens in the morning. Failing to prepare is pretty much preparing to fail. If you wait until the last minute you might lose precious time. 
I enjoy reading my Bible before working out. 
Set your alarm clock - but put it across the room. I use one of the older model, loud ones. I hurry up and turn it off so it doesn't awake my entire family. If you have the habit of turning it off and going back to bed, be sure the clock is away from the bed and remind yourself of why you are up at that ridiculous hour. 
Not that many people are out
Go to bed early - Having a decent amount of rest will allow you to be a happier camper when you wake up in the morning. Rest is a must if you want to have the energy you will need to change your body. It might take a while to acquire this healthy habit but it is one worth keeping. 
A selfie just to prove that I'm done
 • Don't waste your time - Cut your to-do list to a minimum. If you are a coffee drinker, get everything ready the night before. The least you do before getting out of the door, the better. I have found myself wasting precious time on social media when I could have been doing other things that would make a difference in my life that day. Cut time wasters to zero because time is a precious commodity. 
Ready to go on with our day!
Knowing why you are waking up early is a great reason to persist. This week I woke up early 4 times. There's nothing glamorous or entertaining about it but the joy or reaching my goals makes this great effort worth it. Know why you are waking up early and enjoy the benefits of your newfound habit. Let me know if these tips work for you my friend!