Best Social Media Practices for Teachers

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Social Media can be a teacher's best friend. Today, I want to encourage educators who want to be relevant online. Teachers should keep their educator's hat on when engaging with others online. This strategy can lead to big opportunities.

Consider these 3 steps I call "Teacher's Digital Strategy."

1 • Provide Enrichment - Your readers or viewers should learn something after reading/watching your posts. Even if you reposting content, ask yourself the question: "what am I teaching through this post or video?" Providing enrichment online is a way of extending the reach of your resume. Never use social media casually, remember that you are always teaching and you should always provide value to your digital circle. 

2 • Think Longevity - whatever you put in digital form will live forever. Be wise in choosing what you post because digital content lives forever. Whether you tweet, share on Facebook or pin on Pinterest, your content will be out there permanently. If you are providing enrichment every time, you will be fine. If you are venting and may repent later, refrain from publishing it. Remember you consent to every content you post. 

3 • Build your Resume - It is possible (and wise) to build your resume through strategic social media use. Your blog posts can make a way to a greater readership in an Education magazine you respect. Your Facebook Live talks can lead you to a keynote speaker gig (this actually happened to me). Your Pinterest boards can lead to partnership with companies you've grown to love and respect. It is wise to use your social media channels with a goal in mind so think goals before you post.

Part of your digital strategy as an educator should include LinkedIn. Update your profile and your resume. Add new certifications and awards. Make yourself digitally relevant, accessible and marketable. When opportunity knocks, you want to be ready to open the digital door.