Family Bonding Time at the ER

Monday, August 10, 2015

I had 30 minutes for myself so I got off the van and started running. With each step, I recited Psalm 23: “I will fear no evil for thou art with me…”

God really was with us earlier that morning in the Emergency Room. Who takes multiple kids to the ER? We do! If one needs go to, all must go. A few years ago I took our youngest two because my husband was at work with our oldest. We hung there for 2 hours or so till my husband came and took most of the kids home. That night at my third ER, I saw entire families sitting and waiting to be seen by a doctor. Sometimes there’s just no other way but to get everyone there together. It’s a weird kind of bonding.

One of our kids was sick and lethargic so to the ER we went. I thought about who I could call to come over and keep possibly “buggy” kids. No one came to mind (you're welcome: trying not to spread the germ kind of fun). Usually close relatives are the ones we would call to hold down the germ-y fort while you get to do whatever needs to be done with a sickly kid. I try my best not to complain about distance but to trust God that He has us where He needs us.

Off to the first ER we went... and it was closed! It looks like Google needs to add a “p.m.” to the hours of that particular place. I saw an improvement on my sweet child while we were on the way to the second one. We decided to press on and go anyway.
The big kids stayed in the car with my husband while my sweet child and I went in. By the time we saw the doctor, she was feeling much, much better. The meds and that special popsicle put a smile back on her face. Family trip to the ER, done!

We’re always thankful for health. I am mindful not only to thank God for it but also to do my part to be sure we enjoy it daily. I believe that Family difficulties can be a bonding thing. None of us like to go through it but once we’re done with it, we’re thankful to God for normalcy.

My sweet child had a smile on her face when I started my run. She said she was “very much better” and ready to get on with childhood. Running makes my life normal. It was a way to address the stress I felt not only from the ER trip but for caring for sick kids these past couple of days. Running was a way to remember in Whom I believe. Running was also a way to make sure I got a nice nap when all the kids were going to be napping too.

Today I am thankful for health. I am thankful for the presence of God even in difficult situations. I am thankful for the assignment God has given us for this season of life, just where we are. I am also thankful that the stresses of life will only make us closer as a family.