6,000 minutes

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Free time, we all have it. Even when we're really busy, there's often down time, even if it's a few minutes. I decided to calculate the average time I will have to myself during my work day (this is also called lunch break). I came up with 6,000 minutes, which is really 100 hours or 4 days. I know, a long time to eat and I'm not a slow eater, so I decided to repurpose my time and use it to my advantage. 

I bought two eBooks I will be reading during these 6,000 minutes. I will also catch up on Bible reading. I will also connect with people. I love connecting with friends, even if for a little while. My whole goal is not to waste 6,000 minutes I know I will have available. 

I think this can be considered "numbering my days." But more on that later. 

Before I became a wife and mother I believed in repurposing my time. I remember quickly eating lunch (always with a book in hand) and taking a 15-minute walk. I can say that my quality of life totally increased because of that. 

I also remember repurposing my down time and repurposing it to resting daily. I often say that you can't put rest on a pill, so you just have to do it. Even if all I could do was to rest for 15 minutes, I'd feel energized and ready for whatever tasks I had in ahead of me. 

Repurposing free time is not about perfection but it's about progression. You go from not really "numbering your days" to doing so. I also choose to believe that my time is not my own. Even my free time can be used to be a blessing to others. If I'm exercising, others will get a healthier, more alert Cintia. If I'm resting, others will get a Cintia with a better mood (believe me, you don't want me NOT rested Cinia. Big trouble!). If I'm reading, others will get a Cintia with a different perspective in this life and the eternal to come. 

I wonder if you think about how to better use your time. I wonder if you could start with redirecting free time. A great place to start is by praying this prayer:

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12 (ESV)