Chevron Houston Marathon Week 13

Friday, September 25, 2015

We are chugging along with our training and the big day is 113 days away. I am thankful to God for these past months I've been training. I am also thankful to God for my friends who are running Fall marathons because their high mileage has helped me stay on course. I also appreciate their company during my runs which makes training a joy. 

I'm really eager for January to get here so I can run Houston. I love everything about my marathon experience and this year I will also be celebrating 10 years of marriage that day. I can't think of anything better than running the marathon with my husband (he'll be running the Aramco Houston Half Marathon and you can support his charity here). I'm thinking about ordering a special cake to celebrate. We'll see!
This week my training was a little weird. All early morning classes were canceled in my gym, which means I am back on my own for training. I really enjoyed the time I had at bootcamp and at the same time I feel ready to focus on training for the marathon exclusively. Classes are great but not everyone has the same goal as I do. I did manage to use them as cross training but to know that 100% of my training will be focused on reaching my PR goal at Houston will be great. 

One of the questions I've been asking to anyone who care to listen is, "what is your race day pace strategy?" My current challenge is to take my long runs seriously, meaning, I won't speed up too much at the beginning so that I have the energy and focus to stick with my pace the whole time. This morning, I ran intervals (4:1) with a friend, and it was lovely. My running mentor did tell me intervals are nice and they work. I'm thinking about using them at Houston but I'm still thinking about it and experimenting before we hit the big miles (15 and over). 

I made progress these past 13 weeks when it comes to nutrition. Journaling my food worked. I lost some weight and managed not to gain it back. I still want to reach my race weight goal and I am encouraged to keep journaling. Last night for dinner, the kids and I had rice, pinto beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes and meat. I felt amazing all night and during my long run. Sticking with foods that are best for my body always pays off. I sometimes go out the night before a long run but if I stick with veggies and a little meat, I wake up feeling superb.

Another challenge I have daily is to drink enough water. I solved that by "forcing myself" to drink 2 bottles of water at work, no matter what. When I get home in the afternoon I usually have 2 more. My health is worth drinking enough water so I persist with this good habit. 

I appreciate your prayers as I train to run strong, injury-free and with a PR at the end. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I do believe that all this training makes me a better wife, mother and person. Being healthy helps every area of my life. Have an amazing weekend friends!

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