What if

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What if the ideas that do not go anywhere are simply fertilizers?
What if they are a sign of creativity given by the Creator?
What if the goal is to keep thinking, keep inventing, just keep

Keep hope alive
Keep the head lifted high 
Keep the heart with joy 
Keep the mind in perfect peace. 

What if the dreams and goals are really not a waste?
What if they are simply evidence of things to come?
What if they are proof that you possess a vision to go.

Go after ideas 
Go after notions 
Go after inner realities

What if you were made for big dreams?
What if you were made for more?
What if God Himself planted greatness in you to share. 

Share solutions
Share yourself 
Share with joy. 

What if you experienced the greatness of giving. 
What if you forgot about receiving. 
What if you remember that today is all you have to live.

So live abundantly
So live as Christ would 
Selflessly, live to give.