Podcast Love

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I skipped the gym and washed dishes this morning. I woke up so early just to realize that I could carve some time at the end of the day to exercise. I did the dishes, packed the lunches, fixed the breakfast: what a smart decision it was. During that time I decided to listen to the new Podcasts I downloaded.

I love, Love, LOVE Podcasts. I like them for the following reasons:

they are free - you can't beat free especially if there's quality involved.
they are informative - whatever topic you have in mind, there's a Podcast on the subject. If the subject is not available, that's your sign to start your own Podcast. 
they are entertaining - listening to Serial was very entertaining. I still remember getting hooked like everyone else and praying for a run so I could get out there and listen. I can't want for season 2! 
they are relatable - basically because if anyone will have me as a guest (or will say my name on their Podcast), I'm thinking I can relate. Podcast hosts really think about their public, reach out and occasionally open the mic for guests. I was THRILLED to be a guest at the Pregtastic Podcast years ago. I also wrote an email to my favorite Marathon Training Academy Podcast and they read it on air. I know, I'm a fan girl. 
they are a good distraction - chores are not my favorite pass time (running is), so listening to a Podcast is a wonderful distraction. This morning as I listened to a BBC documentary, I mentally traveled to Rio in the 1800s. Pretty cool when you miss home and want to be there more often than you can afford. 

I hope you find some great Podcasts if you haven't. I'm going to relaunch my Podcast Simply Cintia Radio and I hope you can send me some show topic suggestions. Have a great day!