Thinking outside of Digital

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I wrote what I thought was an epic post then my blog went off line. It's interesting how real life happens off line. My digital life is such a small part of my real life, and I'm glad. I'm also happy for the people who make part of my real life exclusively. I get to experience life to the fullest with friends and family without the restrictions and imprisonment of a digital screen. 
I'm a digital media user and admirer but never a lover. My love and affection goes to God, family and friends. I know that this digital age is not going to slow down. I'm actually eager to see what the next innovations will be. I'm determined not to become a slave of it tough. 
The challenge I have is to help my children to think for themselves, outside of digital screens. My number one challenge is to teach them how to search for and attain Godly wisdom. There isn't a lack of information but wisdom... we all can use so much more of it. 
Yep, being off line for a couple of days gets me thinking about what I am doing with my little corner of the internet. My goal, is always to spread hope online, one post at a time. 
I also want to remind everyone that we have 91 days till 2016. I am determined not to spend most of my time behind a screen. I am persuaded to live out God's purpose for my life with courage and joy. Have a great evening (or morning, or afternoon) my friend!