Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 27, 2015

This is THE last Sunday in 2015 so I thought I'd do my last Sunday Seven about Stuff I CAN do WITHOUT in 2016 and Stuff I CAN'T do without in 2016. This is for entertainment purposes only folks. Enjoy!

stuff I can do without in 2016 
1 • reality shows - I can't remember the last time I watched a reality show. I enjoy great writing, so reality TV really isn't for me. 
2 • cable tv - We haven't had cable for close to 10 years. Every time we're somewhere and watch cable we realize we are not missing anything. If I want to watch something, the internet can help me with that. The savings have been pretty amazing. And yes, we're not sports people so we have the luxury of not needing cable. 
3 • envy - I have heard several of my peers deal with envy and I wasn't exempt. I can do without envy in 2016. The key is to confess this sin and go to Jesus for forgiveness and the strength to move on in a better direction. 
4 • mosquitos - I know God created them but I do not enjoying getting bit. 
5 • clutter - I have been intently listening to Podcasts about organization. I can really do without clutter in 2016. The clutter-free life is a simpler, happier life. 

stuff I can't do without in 2016 
6 • Downton Abbey - the one show I will not give up. I'm sad it's in its last season and I am glad I've been watching since season 1. Great writing, timeless struggles and concepts. I also love the charm of that era. 
7 • Tea and Coffee - My beverages of choice. There's something comforting about drinking these. 

Happy new year and thanks for reading this series friends! Expect something new on Sundays in 2016 here at