The Bible in One Year: it's a Wrap!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm so glad I took on the challenge of reading the Bible in One Year. I started late, got behind at times but I will be finishing on December 31. 66 books in one year! I'm glad I read the entire Bible not to brag about it but because I can honestly say that at the end of the year:

• I know God better. The Bible is a book about God so by reading, studying, meditating on it I get to know God better. I've acquired habit of reading the Bible and asking myself the following question "do you perceive God's character through this passage?" It's been really great to get to know God better. He's better than I can possibly conceive.

• I acquired more discipline. It took a lot of discipline to include Bible reading in my daily life. I learned that there is very little mysticism in deciding to sit somewhere and open my App and do the reading. I can see that the only way I'll get results from spiritual discipline is if I stick with the discipline part. 

• I was highly entertained. Believe me, the Bible is spiritual but it's also very entertaining. The first handful of books specially have some incredibly entertaining stories. You have to read it to believe it. 

• I was inclined to apply what I read. I was in the habit of reading the Bible daily so those words of life were fresh in my heart and spirit. There was nothing dreadful about reading even the most challenging books because I knew God would speak to me. This made me want to read my Bible daily. 

I'm not a Bible Scholar at the end of this year but I am more in love with the God of the Bible. I know Him better and I love Him more. Because I read the Bible in a Year I also prayed the Bible in a year. That was a lot of fun. 
If you ever wanted to read the Bible in a year, I highly encourage you to do it. It took me 15 minutes a day. 
I pray that you set your heart and mind to know God better through the reading of His Word.