Inspiration for my New Year

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The year has officially started: we are officially done with marathon season. If you read my story, you know that things didn't go as expected. I'm still meditating on the events of Sunday. Today I want to do that through these Zig Ziglar quotes.  

"Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes."
I expected to PR (run faster than ever). After all, I trained well, I rested, I had my strategy together and my mind was better than it's been for years. Did I tell you how perfect the weather was? My plan worked for half of the marathon. Then I had to prepare for the worst. The closer I got go the finish line, I decided to capitalize on what came. The results I got were not what I expected but I am thankful for the lessons learned along the way. 

"If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost."
If you never ran a marathon you probably don't get the fact that someone who runs 26.2 miles for fun would feel defeated. Not getting a PR felt like defeat to me. I did make up my mind that I was going to finish. I learned a lot from my 26.2 adventure last Sunday. I now have compassion for people who have bad days on race day. I learned a similar lesson during the birth of my first son and I forever have compassion for mothers who want one thing and get another when it comes to planning one's birth experience. My 4th marathon did not go as planned but I also learned what I need to tell myself as well as do when my muscles are begging me to stop. I learned that my mind could remain strong and my spirit, connected to God. I had the right to quit but I pressed on. I literally put one foot in front of the other and I refused to let myself get desperate, no matter how awful those cramps were. I learned a lesson that winners don't get: how to stare defeat in the face and not let it affect me.  

"Every choice you make has an end result."
I am now in recovery mode. I have not gone for a run (are you serious? I just ran 26.2 on Sunday and I need to rest!). I have not given much thought about my running career (ha ha!) other than the knowledge that it is not over. I have been contemplating the fact that every decision I make is very important. I am sitting back and planning my choices for the year. I will try to conquer 26.2 again. I will make the best choices that will lead to great end results. 

Happy new year again friends!