What to Expect from SimplyCintia.com in 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy new year dear reader! It is my habit to start the year by telling you what to expect. Before I do that, I'd love to hear what you expect from me. Click here to fill out a short, 3-question survey please. I always get great feedback from you and I appreciate you so much! 

Take my survey will you?
I have several projects in the works for this year. I try to be sure this whole thing adds value to your life so here's just how I plan to make this happen:

• I am redesigning my personal website CintiaListenbee.com where you will be able to get more help for some of the topics we discuss here. You will also be able to buy my books there. That's right, I am currently working on books and I hope you will enjoy them.

• I am relaunching my Podcast. If you are a LONG, long time reader, you remember I used to have a Podcast. Here are a few:
- Social Media for Business 
- Counseling Demystified
- Beneficios da Corrida
This time I am putting it on iTunes so the whole world can enjoy it.

• This year I will give you more of a "behind the scenes" view of the Chevron Houston Marathon because I'm an Ambassador and volunteer. I can't wait to show you the 2016 gear this week!

• I will continue to give you quality over quantity as far as posts. I will include all the suggestions you are giving me in the Reader Survey. Thanks for helping me out!

I love blogging and I am looking forward to publishing some great material this year. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just reach out and I will be glad to listen to you.

Have a fantastic year my friend!