Life as a Marathon

Monday, February 29, 2016

I started my marathon journey this long ago.
summer of 2013
I had this crazy dream that I had what it took to run a marathon and change my life (thanks MTA). Marathons are not easy and somehow, I find that I need them in my life.
It's a big task: months of preparation, a lot of training and you never know what awaits you until the big day. You go through ups and downs and at the end, you know it was all worth it.

I could not have earned my 4 marathon finishes without my husband's support. Even my mom, dad and siblings helped me with the kids when they were around. Running kept happening and it has become a habit.

Running has a spiritual side to it as well. I have learned what persistence looks like. I have learned to call on God and literally run with Him by my side. I have learned that no matter how big the task I can run and not get weary. I can press forward to finish what I started.

Circumstances in life seem like a marathon at times. Difficulties seem unsurmountable, unless I take one step at a time. Pressure mounts up and at times it feels like I made a big mistake to begin with. The thing is, I've ran too far to stop or turn around so I might as well finish. It's when I get close to the finish line that the challenges seem bigger. I have learned that if I keep going I will eventually get to the finish line.

Today, no matter what challenges you face, remember that if you take one step at a time you will reach the finish line. Oh, and help always comes when you need it the most.