How to actually enjoy Easter with your Family

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easter in 2013
Easter is upon us friends! Here is how to actually enjoy it with your family. 

Be prepared - but from the inside out. Easter is about Jesus so my goal is to have my heart prepared before anything else is ready. I get ready for Easter by pausing and remembering Jesus' sacrifice. I obviously was not there when they crucified my Lord (ha!) so I need to grab my Bible and read all about it. It's amazing how the Word of God comes alive every time I submit my heart to it and receive it. Even if you choose to play those amazing passages through your audio Bible while you are going about your day, faith will come and you will be prepared to celebrate Jesus' victory. 

Tell the story to your Kids - Whether you choose a kids' story book, a video or a conversation, it's important that we teach our kids about Easter. I know that my kids have teachers in Sunday School who are teaching them about Jesus but as a parent I am commanded to impress this story or teach this story  (look up Deuteronomy 6:7 and 11:19) when I sit at home, when I go to sleep, when I get up and when we're walking along the road (or driving in my car). I also know that I have a small window of time to do this. The baton of faith is passed quicker than we realize. 

Plan your Activities accordingly - basically, try not to get stressed out with all the activities surrounding Easter. We can also simplify our calendars and remember that Easter is about Jesus. I am positive that the Prince of Peace is not asking anyone to be stressed out on His behalf. Pray about clarity and guidance on what to put on your plate and what to leave out so that you can really focus on celebrating Jesus and His victory. Just by taking a 7-minute drive in my area I saw at least 4 Easter activities advertised. I will honestly tell you that they all sounded good but I decided to leave them out of my plate. A peaceful heart is a great thing to have in every season. 

Worship as a family - but keep going to church after that. Going to church might not be a well-established habit for everyone. I want to encourage you to keep that great habit going after Easter. There's more to learn about the Christ of Easter. There is a family of Christians who is eager to grow with you and go with you for the long run. Going to church is a great habit some of us have had for years. I understand not everyone has it but it's worth cultivating it. 

I pray that Easter is special to you this year. I pray it is filled with peace and the joy of getting to know Jesus better.