Teacher's Appreciation: being thankful year round

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I have always been thankful for teachers but now that I'm one, I appreciate them even more. 
I have always know that thanking teachers goes beyond one week per year. I tried to show my thankfulness through each interaction. 

I try to show respect and honor. As the years go by, I have felt freer to verbally look them in the eye and thank them for their excellence in teaching and for educating my children. 

The most important way I show my thankfulness is to pray for my children's teachers by name. We pray for each one of them daily and we ask God empower them to teach "from a heart of peace and wisdom." 

I try to stay in touch with my kids' teachers and collaborate with the work that goes on in the classroom. We also try to know what they like so when we give gifts, we know it will bless them. 

Thank God for teachers!

I become a preschool teacher last Fall and I can tell you that although my students are thankful all the time, there's no way they can beat the thankfulness I have to be a teacher. 

My students daily remind me of God's master genius. Only a masterful Creator could allow human beings to come to the world as children. Children are fascinating! Their constant joy and abiding peace remind me to totally rely on my Heavenly Father and trust that for every need, He makes provision. 

My students remind me that creativity and curiosity are natural and they should be cultivated in adulthood. 

I tell my students that they are creative thinkers and I try to empower them to know how great they are from the inside out. 

My students do not lie. If they give me a hug it's because they really love me. How I treasure the special moments we share. One time, a bilingual, 2-year-old student gave me a tight hug and whispered in my ear, "te quiero mucho." That was a "be still my heart" moment I will forever carry in life. 

The classroom is a place where teachers get to encourage inventive minds to keep exploring, growing and learning. 

Christ makes my experience as a parent and teacher enriching. He reminds me to live what I believe. He gives me strength to do all things. He gives me His joy, which is my strength. 

Don't get me wrong, I will celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Week this week. My hope is that throughout the year, my children's teachers have felt our love. My joy is that I get to teach preschool music to the next generation of world changers.