Adulting: going back to School

Friday, May 20, 2016

"When are you going to get your PhD?" My dad has been asking me this question for the past 10 years. I have had great excuses until now. 
I am thankful that my father has never stopped believing in my ability. I have also been fooling myself that another degree might not be something for me. 

A lot has happened since I got my Masters Degree. I got married to the love of my life, we moved to North Carolina, we started our family and moved to Texas to multiply even more. 

For every excuse I gave my dad, I have met someone who superseded it. I have met women who had more kids than I had and went back to grad school. I see women on a daily basis who are working as doctors and teaching med students. I have friends who have more kids than I have who are fantastic mothers and lawyers. 

There's no excuse but there is an opportune time

I realized that I might have ran out of excuses but I am not going to run and register just now.

I'm very much in a discernment process. This going back to school thing needs to work for everyone. I also have high standards I have been cultivating since 1998. I want it to work for my family and I want to do it fully funded. Yes, I believe in grants and scholarships to the max. 

I believe that God will direct my path. I believe that it will work for my family. I believe that it will work for me and it will enhance the calling of God in my life. 

I also believe that it will be fun. It has to be cause I remember that getting a Master's Degree was A LOT of work but I'm glad I did. 

Lastly, I think that getting higher ed degrees is very much like having kids. Some degrees leave you traumatized but (hopefully) when you get the next one, it will be so easy, it will feel like a heavenly reward. 

Have you thought about going back to school? How did you know it was time?