Summer Love of Books

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello friends! Hope you are having an amazing summer so far! I decided to keep pursuing my passion for reading non-fiction books this summer. A few weeks ago I checked out three books in the library and I returned them all. I could not get into them! I love the authors, I just couldn't stick with it. So I decided to be persistent and I went back to the library. After my kids got more books to read I went back to my search for the perfect summer book. I found a short one and I found the book I really REALLY wanted to read last year. I read the short book in 1 hour (between mothering my kids that is). One down, 3 to go! I picked up the book I really REALLY wanted to read today and I'm thinking I'll stick with it. 
 The worse thing that can happen to me is to get a book just to find out I can't finish it because I don't connect with the author. That happened when I was in France, which sucked cause I was stuck and had to read that book anyhow. I don't have anything against book authors, I just appreciate the fact that there's an author out there for everyone. When I finish my summer reading challenge, I'll tell you what I read and what I thought about the books I actually finish. 
I've been telling my kids that readers are leaders (and leaders are readers) because it rhymes and because I think it's true. I am also teaching them how to gain an appreciation for books. While ebooks are wonderful, I am pushing all of us to love the process of going to the library and discovering new titles. I am teaching respect for books as well as appreciation for the simple pleasure of sitting outside with a great book. 
Like most kids mine ask to watch tv instead of reading. I tell them "the TV thinks for you, books help you think." The youngest one doesn't get it but I hope that she'll appreciate it one day. 
I abide by the same rule. I convince myself that instead of numbing (or should I say, dumbing) my mind with hours of TV, I need to put my wonderful mind to work as I read and discover worlds and ideas unknown. 
Reading also encourages me to write. I haven't started writing this summer yet but I am eagerly waiting to get started. 
• Does the summer awaken your love for books and reading? I hope so!