Where I am: a Poem

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

God knows where I am.
He sees the dishes,
He sees the laundry sitting in the chair
God surely knows where I am. 

When He called me, He asked: "what do you have in your hand?"
I told Him, "diapers Lord. Baby powder and nursing pads." 
I wondered if He made a mistake. 
I know He never does because 
God knows where I am. 

God knows where I am. 
He sees the heartache, the pain the stayed. 
He asked me, "will you forgive anyway?" 
I told Him, "I did Lord. I just keep forgetting I forgave." 
I wondered if He knew what it took
To be called with imperfect flare. 
I know He's God incarnate and
He knows exactly where I am. 

God knows where I am. 
He not only sees my location but
He knows my heart's situation 
every second of every minute of every day. 
I'm glad God knows
That deep in my heart,
there's unending awe of Him
Who calls me His, 
just as I am, just where I am. 
- by Cintia Listenbee