Chevron Houston Marathon 2017 Training Week 2

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I love the saying '"don't despise the day of small beginnings" because that's exactly how week 2 of marathon training felt like. I'm starting small but in 193 days I get to do something big: cross the finish line of the Chevron Houston Marathon. Most great things are accomplished through small beginnings.
If small beginning were seeds, they'd be like mustard seeds. They are tiny but they grow to be splendid trees. All I have for now are seeds of great expectations. I know that as I keep training, keep taking action consistently, I will arrive at the finish line as the victorious person who started with faith. 
I am 10 weeks from the only race I have scheduled for this year. I am thinking about signing up for the warm-up series but I haven't decided quite yet. 
I ran 3 times last week, swam once and walked once. 
Summer runs are great at the end. In the beginning you wonder how humid it will be out there. You look at the weather and you are thankful for any breeze you get. I also look at my pace and I remind myself that constant work on my running base will translate to that perfect marathon day pace. 
This week I also had the joy of running with my running group. It's hard to believe that off season runs are over, so now folks are either preparing for Fall and Winter races. 
This photo is of some of us supporting one of our brave teammates. I'm thankful that because of running, strangers become friends who are transformed to family. I treasure their friendship and support and I pray for my running buddies always. 
I'm quite the social butterfly at running group. I have met people from all different paces and I make sure I encourage everyone. I enjoy the camaraderie among runners and I take full advantage of it by giving and receiving it. I find that a word of encouragement during a run goes a long way. I have learned that even if friendliness is not reciprocated, it doesn't go to waste. Being friendly, even when feeling exhausted, comes from the heart. You can't give what you don't have, so I give what God has placed in my heart. 
My nutrition and hydration are going well. I lost weight last week (yes!) and I am encouraged to stay on plan this week. I am aware that one of my barriers if feeling entitled by the number or miles I put in. My solution is to always implement my eating plan and rip the fruits of my dedication before during and after my runs. 
I want to remind you that there's plenty time to join us as we run the fantastic Chevron Houston Marathon. There's plenty room if you want to run for charity and choose a shorter distance. Click here for more information. 
Have a fantastic week and I will see you next time!

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