Finding an Organization Method that works for my Family

Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm always organizing something. I think that organization is basically the fact of life right now. The need to organize means we are making progress in life.

I'm no organization queen, I do it strictly for sanity. I also find that sometimes I press the pause button so I can actually rest and do other things I enjoy (like working from home and exercising). I also love listening to Podcasts about organization while I'm organizing. I recently ran into a method that everyone is talking about. I listened to the author (I'm not gonna tell you who it is because it didn't work for me), I listened to testimonials but I just couldn't find the time to make it work for me. I decided to stick with what works for me: my very own 45-minute solution to organizing.

I go back to it over and over because it works. This week for example, I was running behind when it came to all matters of cleaning. The funny thing is that I clean all the time! I noticed that the only way to have a home that's completely organized are the following:

• be sure no one lives there;
• have a staff the size of Downton Abbey's (or any size for that matter);
• have someone stage the whole house 365 days a year.

Being alive means that something will get out of order. I also believe that your season of life dictates the state of your home. At least for me, when we had newborns it was tough to have our house in the front of Martha Stewart Living. Okay, we might not be there unless I have someone stage it. My point is, life comes with the joy of clutter.

I'm finding freedom in grabbing my 45-minute solution when things get to be too much. I'm finding joy in the fact that I do what I enjoy and there's life going on around me - with lots of clutter to prove it.

I'm finding wisdom in not organizing for the sake of comparison. I'm the one who gets to live here and I'm the only one with my set of challenges and life choices.
What I'm really trying to say is that I have learned to find an organization method that works for me. I have found something that gives me results and also gives me room to actually enjoy my life. No need to shut life down because I'm organizing. No need to be turn into a witch if something gets out of place (again!). Organization is part of life and life right now, it's pretty good.

• What is your favorite method of organizing? How has it helped your family?