The Doctor will see You Now

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A symptom is the first sign that there is something wrong going on. When I can't shake that bad feeling, whatever it is, I call the clinic for an appointment. This whole process seems incredibly slow because all I want to hear are the words "the doctor will see you now." 
I have been through the same process with my own kids. Recently, my little one's eyes were red and they were just not getting better. She got sick on a Saturday so I had to take her and her symptoms to the presence of one who could solve her problem. I was amazed at how the doctor quickly diagnosed her as he took two steps inside of the exam room. Only a look was all that took for all our worries to dissolve, the look of an experienced practitioner. 
I don't know what kind of patient you are. Some of us take forever to get to a waiting room where we can hear the words "the doctor will see you now." Maybe you are like me, you go prematurely just to hear, "you're fine. Just go home and rest." I can't tell you how many times I felt embarrassed yet assured, by getting a great prognosis for my stress related problems. 

Every time I open my Bible, I think of the words "the doctor will see you now." God has the answer to my every issue. I have hidden sins that even I don't know exist but God is great at diagnosing the invisible. When I submit myself to the systematic study of the Bible, I think of the words "the doctor will see you now." God, through His Word, has the power to touch this very life and change it. Every time I finish a prayer, in Jesus name, I go on with my life. Somehow I know that I just had a "the doctor will see you now" moment. Some way my spirit is free to believe that I am healed and because I insist in being in God's presence, I am whole.