Best Advice

Friday, November 4, 2016

One of the best advices I got in the past 12 weeks was "learn to be comfortable in your own skin. It's a process and most people won't like it but you'll be okay."

I spent this week reassessing what that means to me. I thought about things I will accept from myself and others. I thought about things I would no longer accept from myself and others. One of the things I will no longer do is to be afraid of the person I want to become. In the face of change, fear shows up strong and I had to realize that I can't be afraid of the person I need to become. Change is inconvenient, it requires growth and flexibility. All of those things are worth because of the person I need to become.

This can be applied to my professional life, my health and relationships.

Another thing worth accepting is that I will no longer allow numbers to define me. Numbers of readers, Likes, Followers, numbers in a scale, numbers of attendees, finish time... you get the point. Numbers can kill precious creativity, crush self-esteem and it can box a perfectly joyous spirit. Numbers never tell the whole story so I will no longer accept that numbers tell it all. It's about the qualitative, the essence of life, the soul behind the harsh facts presented.

I have been blessed with few people who every now and then pop up to remind me be content with my conduct and also, don't strive for things that can be measured. It is true that "if they can define you they can disqualify you." I serve a God who set my qualifications before I was formed in my mother's womb and I'm very happy with that.

If I met you for coffee today, I would tell you exactly that and I would also ask you: What was the best advice you received in the past 12 weeks? Did you decide to change the way you live your life based on that advice? How so?