The Circle of Thankfulness

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."
Psalm 9:1 (NRSV)

We all know how to give thanks, once we pass our toddler years. Our parents were constantly coaching us to "say thank you" everywhere we went. Somehow, that habit sticks. We do it out of courtesy and because it is politically correct. We do it to appear better than we may feel inside. My point is, we all know how to do it. 
The psalmist is reminding me to take my giving thanks to a new level, to do it with my whole heart. You and I know how to do that too. We often thank others "from the bottom of our hearts" when we are deeply moved by their gesture of generosity. The thing is, God is generous to you and I daily. 
If I simply look at 2016 and recount everything He did for me, I should naturally thank him with my whole heart. It does take a deeper look at the year to awaken this attitude. 
I go wider in my circle of thankfulness and I include my marriage. Friends, I am deeply thankful for how God changed me and helped me become a better wife this year. I really should throw a party because of this deed alone.
I go a bit wider in my circle of thankfulness and I include my children. The obstacle, diseases and inner challenges God helped me overcome have been many. It is my duty to be thankful to our wonderful God for working all things out for the good of my children. My heart really rejoices when I think of where my kids are in their journey of life.  
I give thanks for answered prayers, for dreams that came true and faithful friends who are closer than brothers and sisters. 
You and I don't have to tell all our business before thanksgiving dinner but can we be honest enough with God today? Can we pause and think of all our circles of thankfulness? Can we be specific about the things only God could do for us and in us? I hope so friends.
My challenge today is to do just that: give thanks with my whole heart and recount all the wonderful things God has done. Join me?