Bible Study Lady

Friday, December 30, 2016

This was us when we started weekly Bible Study.
I still have that baby carrier :)

I never thought of myself as a "Bible study lady." I grew up with people who based their whole lives on the Bible, therefore studying it was only natural. I grew up watching my parents, grandparents and everyone else in the family read those words of life until they absorbed them the best they could. They sang it and as I'd discover much later in life, their very words of advice could be traced back to the Bible. 

So I come to the U.S. and I realize I get to make my own choice of how I am going to live what I believe. I decided to read the Bible for myself. There's more to the story but I'll fast forward to 3 years ago. 

I have always been a lover of the Bible and I kept being invited to different Bible studies in the Houston area. I thought, out of politeness, I'd accept an invitation to Merry Ministries

I thought, 'I might as well just go once, just to say I've been.' I also went by myself: I thought I better not take my kids if I don't know what I'm getting myself into. 

They were studying the book of Psalms and I was in awe of the presence and goodness of God as we studied His Word. I did the Cintia thing (I'm taking full responsibility for my ways) and I talked back to the teacher cause I was agreeing and I was so excited about the new information. I somehow knew I had to come back to the study again and again. 

So I sat on those pews and I learned the Bible. Good thing they were about to jump into the books I was "scared" of - the prophets. I studied them all and I was amazed at the character of God and His plan behind every word written in the Bible. 

It's never ever easy to go to Bible study. I think I was changing multiple diapers when I started. Once my kids' schedule changed, I started going on Tuesday nights. I don't know a single person who isn't tired after a full day of activities. I also had to get 3 sweet kids ready, packed and I had to have food for all of them every single week. I know it's been done before but it doesn't mean it's easy. I also know that I rub shoulders with women who are going through incredibly challenging life situations but still find time and energy to sit in those pews week after week. They are my true inspirations to keep going to Bible study. I see, through their example, that studying the Bible is a habit worth pursuing. God needs to be part of life on a regular basis and not when I need a little something extra from Him. 

My goal when I joined Bible study was to check my sweet kids in child care, take a deep breath and sit on the last pew. I even visualized that several times. What happened was that God Almighty opened a door of opportunity for leadership in my Bible study. I obediently said yes. 

I could write a lot about leadership in this season of life. I'll save your time by telling you it's not easy, it's not glamorous but it's an absolute honor to serve the Lord Jesus and my dear sisters in Christ. I have learned a lot by observing women who have been teaching the Bible longer than I've been alive. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve God and to learn from them. 
I also love the ladies who come to the Bible study. I find them to be a joy to be around and I look forward to fellowshipping with them and hearing about their lives. 

I still don't see myself as a "Bible study lady." I see myself as a person who loves God and figures that the only way to know Him is to study His Word. I see myself as a person who wants those Words to make its way into my very actions and daily habits. I see myself as a person who wants to walk in the Spirit so that people can see a difference in my life, even before I open my mouth.

I am thankful I accepted that invitation to Bible Study. I'm also thankful that I found a group that works for me, one that loves the Bible and is committed to study it in its pure form (we don't use any books so it's simply Bible study). 

I want to encourage you to join a Bible Study in real life. It will make a difference in your life and you will find the refreshment, healing and all the answers you need. Most of all, you will get to know who God is. You will love that experience my friend!

P.S.: I will be reading the One Year Bible in 2017 and I've been encouraging my friends to do the same. It takes 15 minutes of each day. It's totally doable and you will love what it does for your inner life.