Top 10 Posts of 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I wrote it, you read it and I thank you! Here's what you enjoyed in 2016 (click the titles for links):

1. Children's Discovery Center - A new Children's Museum branch in our area is open so we went to check it out. Thanks to the people of Twitter for massively enjoying this article. We were in line for 2 hours that day and it was worth the wait. We will be returning again and again!

2. What happens when friendships die - this was honestly the top post of the year. It was received so well that I took it out of the blog and I'm expanding it in book form. Pray for me friends.

3. My Birthday - I get the gift of your visit to my blog on my birthday. This was the case on my birthday post, which was also in Portuguese. You guys and girls rock!

4. The fight for your mind - I tell you about the invisible fight that happens 24/7. Good thing you can do something about it.

5. The doctor will see you now - If I had to pick one post to showcase my writing this year, this would be it.

6. Mothers Past Mothers Present - I enjoy writing about my role models. I learned all I know from these incredible women.

7. How to have a clutter-free holiday season in 45 minutes - I used this method and now my family and I are enjoying a clutter-free holiday season. It works people!

8. How I make my home cozy - this is my spin on the conversation on homemaking. I love a luxurious home but I like in a cozy home.

9. Chevron Houston Marathon series - Training, failures and triumphing my way to my 5th marathon (4th time in Houston). This time I tell "once upon a run" stories as well.

10. Why is Forgiveness Relevant - The importance of forgiveness is something I meditate on often. Forgiveness has allowed me not to age due to bitterness. The stuff people do to my family and I can be incredible. That is insignificant compared to price Jesus paid to forgive me and set me free. I gladly forgive others, even if I have to convince myself (again) it's worth doing it.

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