You can balance Family, Running and other things

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

baby and runner on race day
Running with kid numero uno in 2009 
When I was a preschool music teacher, I attended a summer training class. The class taught us different ways of including movement into the kids' daily activities. The only thing I remember about the class is how to find balance in one foot.

I put one foot up and kept one foot down. I think I stood that way for 30  seconds. The master teacher complimented me saying I had good balance. She proceeded to say that in order to find your balance, your eyes need to find a focal point. I never forgot that concept and I actually used this in order to get out of the ER quickly last year (another story for another day).
5k race mother and kids in double stroller
Running with two kids under two in 2010
Media can be deceiving (social, traditional, you know). We see these beautiful women doing these amazingly hard jobs all while having a family life, working full time and running triathlons. My favorite deceiving image is of the fashion model breastfeeding triplets in her robe while having 4 beauty experts working on her hair, nails, makeup and eyebrows. Oh, she’s also signing her next big contract with a pen between her toes.

Back to reality, we are all juggling different responsibilities so, how do you find balance? Just like that master teacher told me, your eyes need to find a focal point.

My focal point is my family. My family is my priority so whether I use every legal trick to get out of ER quickly to saying no to great, temporary opportunities, I keep my eye on them. Let me explain how I fit other things into my daily life.

a family poses with their medal during race
Most recent race! 3 little Brazilians with our medals in 2017. 
I decided that running is a great addition to the life I chose to live so I was going to incorporate it in my life. Here’s how I’ve managed to run and still have my family as a priority:

1 • I run during a time that works for my family. For me it is early mornings. I get my miles before they wake up and I enjoy the benefits throughout the day;
2 • I explained to my family that running is important to me and they in turn have been supportive. Having my family’s understanding has made my running life very enjoyable;
3 • Running is an appointment I put in my schedule. The visual reminder I get really helps me keep up with my runs.

Another thing I often say is that people who are busier than me manage to run. Their persistence and dedication really inspires me to press on.

While my family is my focal point here on earth, my focal point for eternity is God and His word. Unlike running, I don’t fit God into my schedule, I work my my schedule around Him.

I go to Him first and truly, if I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything else (family, running, dreams and goals) are added unto me.

We have around 215 days left in 2017. Today is a great day to find your balance if you have lost it for some reason. It’s okay, just find your focal point, take a deep breath and experience freedom.