Hurricane Harvey 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Thanks to God we are well and safe friends! We are praying for all of our Texas neighbors dealing with the aftermath of this hurricane.
This is our first major hurricane. We've been through a few tornados but this is the major weather event we've ever seen.
We have been counting on wisdom to heed to the instructions of the authorities as well as the advice from our friends who have lived through every major weather event in the past 70 years here in Texas. Wisdom is priceless and we prefer it to doing what's hype.

We prepared as well as we could. We got our pantry stocked and we prepared for the loss of electricity. The major thing we prepped was our hearts. We reminded ourselves as a family of God's amazing love for us and His protection. Encouraging our souls has given us peace and assurance of God's care, even in this life altering circumstance.

The thing about this hurricane is that we don't know how long we'll stay indoors. I've been pacing our efforts in every front:

• We've been blessed with electricity so we're cooking some of our favorite meals. We had pancakes with eggs and fruit this morning.

• I'm not cleaning and decluttering like crazy. I'm trying to save my energy for other things such as cooking several meals a day, resting and paying attention to weather warnings.

• I made a menu for the weekend. One of my favorite Harvey Hurricane Memes is this one:
I'm using the menu so we can pace ourselves. I'm not running out of snacks before life gets back to normal! On another note, there are tons of super funny hurricane related memes out there. My friends on Facebook and I had some great laughs last night.

• We still have more rain coming so we are optimistic that God is and will always be a very present help.

If you are in Texas, I am praying with you. If you are outside of Texas, I ask that you pray for us. Regardless of where you are, remember that God is our help and strength: a very present help in times of trouble. Have a nice day!