Creative Ways to Save Money

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

One of the things I miss about living in Rio de Janeiro is the lady who did my nails. Coming to the US 19 years ago meant changing my lifestyle quite a bit. One thing I learned to do was my own manicure and pedicure.
When I was in College, one of my side hustles was actually doing mani/pedi in my dorm.
I tried a few nail places in the US and I decided that I can do a better job myself. All I needed were the right tools and time.
I made a quick search and I find out that in my area, a classic manicure costs $15 and a classic pedicure costs $25. By doing my own pedicure twice a month and my own manicure every week, I save $1,320 a month.
I am aware that most personal finance bloggers probably don't mention mani/pedi because it is considered to be a luxury. For someone like me, it is very much part of healthy lifestyle. I do feel better when I get my nails done and I have to say my nails look better and my stress level goes way down. I can say that goes in the "it's not for vanity, it's for sanity" category.
I'm not trying to convince you to learn how to do your own mani/pedi (but if you want to, there are many Youtube videos of Brazilians teaching how do it like we do). I am asking you if there is something you can learn how to do that will bring you joy and help you save a few bucks.
In my case, $1,320 a month turns to $15,840 a year. I know. That's a lot of money but that goes to prove that every little dollar counts.
What are some of your creative ways to save money?